I am trying to redo some of my authentication and move it from an internal to a database setting. If my understanding is correct you can use multiple diffferent authentication profiles.

So in my Internal one I still have all the users currently assigned. Then I created a database using the auto create method. I placed my username and password in the there and assigned roles. When I did a test login it came back as fine.

The next thing I did was take the Internal profile and setup failover as SOFT and pointed it towards my new authenication profile. If I read the information correctly by doing this if the authentication does not find the user name and/or password in the first profile it will then go to the backup profile.

I then place a button on my screen for testing and placed the following code in it:'mweaver','123456',event)

It keeps comming back as login failed. yet if I do it from the gateway authenication profile it works.

So what simple step did I miss?

Nope, this was a bug. The internal authentication profile didn't do soft failover correctly. If you had set it up the other way around it would have worked (db failing over to internal). It has been fixed for 3.3.2.