"Auto-ack" alarms

Hey everybody, I’m using 8.1.5 perspective, and on two seperate projects I keep having alarms that will trigger a “clear” pipeline even though an alarm never engages. It shows it was “auto-acked” in the alarm history. End user just gets a bunch of “alarm clear” notifications and no alarms and they didn’t care for being woke up at 3 AM for this stuff.

The signal will jump outside of the alarm setpoints but will return to normal before the active delay expires, so it never fully engages as an alarm. However I still get a clear notification.

Support has no solution at this time. I’ve had to disable clear notifications for these two projects (not ideal).

Notify Initial Events is set to false.

My thought was to filter out auto-acked alarms from the clear filter, but I don’t know if that’s possible.

I can’t imagine I’m the only one dealing with this but thought I would throw it out to see what you all think.

Just a thought, but what about having your PLC decide when something is in alarm, and just pass a Boolean to Ignition? My work is exclusively in discrete I/O and this is how i handle all alarms.

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That’s an incredibly time intensive work around for something that should work out of the box. I certainly hope it doesn’t come to that. I have at least 400 alarms so this doesn’t feel like a direction I’d like to head. Most of my alarms are analog, so that’s most of the problem.

I would hope Ignition can handle a non-discrete alarm properly.

That’s…unusual. That’s not how I would expect the active delay property to work, and that’s not how it’s working on a test tag I set up. If I’m not at the alarm setpoint for at least the active delay, I don’t get any events on the alarm.

Auto-ack events are coming from the ‘live event limit’ in your alarm settings, and you can’t have a clear event without a corresponding active event - it’s fundamental to how our alarming works. I would go back to support and ask for clarification.

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I’ve increased the live event limit before and it delayed the symptom. It filled up the larger buffer then stared happening again.