Auto acknowledge event

I have created an event log for a client by using low priority alarms in an alarm journal, combined with low priority alarms that generate on a tag value change. These events capture data such as setpoint changes or equipment turning on and off in the field. The problem I have is that the old scada system used to record the user who was logged in at the time certain items were changed (ie: setpoints, initiating a manual start on a pump) and Ignition does not do this. I have an idea on how to remedy this, but I don’t fully understand how the Tag Event Scripting works. I see under Value Changed there is text in the script editor that cannot be removed. Do I need to recreate this scripting along with my own script? The idea is, because these “events” are actually low level alarms, to auto-acknowledge the alarm when the tag value changes, thereby capturing the user who acknowledged (and changed) the value. Currently it doesn’t appear that using the Ack Mode “Unused” in an alarm setup captures this. I don’t even know if that particular piece of information is recorded, as the description says the OFF mode always marks alarms as acknowledged, but the drop down box only contains “Unused/Manual/Auto”, and does not have an OFF option.

Any help would be appreciated.