Auto clear Confim message boxes?

The original developer has configured our system with multiple “popup” message boxes using the System.gui.confirm and system.gui.messagebox functions. This is OK for the Plant operators, but the “popups” hang around on all clients after being cleared/accepted by the Plant Operator. Is there any way to clear the “popups” from other clients once accepted by the on one client?
Is it possible to limit the popups to certain clients - i.e. only the operator clients?

You could check the host name and issue the confirm

if in ['HostName1','HostName2','L5CG6111112DB']: 
	if system.gui.confirm(u'Are you sure?', 'Confirm'):
		value = 1
		event.source.parent.getComponent('CheckBox').selected = value

you could do it against a SQL table, text file, or hard coded list as above.

No. You’ll have to excise such calls to system.gui.confirm/messageBox and replace them with openWindow() calls that use a normal popup. Then you can broadcast messages from the client that clears the popup to the other clients to close them there. See system.util.sendMessage().