Auto-Export all Vision window Documentation

Is there a way to access a Vision Window's "Documentation" via scripting? We are using the "Documentation" feature in the project browser to create detailed notes and change logs for a customer. When we release a new version of the software, we would like to be able to export all window/template documentation to a csv so that we can use it to easily create a Software Update document for the customer.

My preferred method would be through scripting. I tried grabbing the window object in the script console and searched it to see if there was a getDocumentation function attached to the object. No luck!! Is there any way to access this via scripting? If not, is there another method that can be used generate a csv? Going through and copying/pasting the documentation for every screen/template in the project is too tedious of a process to do regularly.


With Ignition Extensions installed, you could call system.project.getProject() to get an instance of the Project Java class. From there, call getResourcesOfType with a resource type of com.inductiveautomation.factorypmi.common.VisionModule.WINDOW_RESOURCE (this'll only work directly in the designer; doing it from the gateway scope will be a bit trickier).

That will give you a list of ProjectResources, which have a getDocumentation method.

Technically, Ignition Extensions is not required (you can access the project through other scripting means) but it's the easiest entrypoint.