Auto fill on Active Directory user sources

When you use an Active Directory Internal Hybrid user source, and you uncheck the “List Users from Active Directory” checkbox on the user source configuration, you then have to add all users manually in “Manage Users”. This includes the Username, First Name, Last Name, and Contact Info, along with Roles, Schedule, Language, and Notes.

Why do we need to add First Name, Last Name, and Contact Info? No, I’m not lazy, but typos will happen if someone is not vigilant in checking their input. And more importantly, you also have to go look up their first and last name, and their contact info somewhere else, because you can’t view it in Ignition when that box is unchecked. If there were only 30 or 40 users in Active Directory, I would just leave it checked. But we have almost 2000 users in ours, which slows it down and makes for a lot of useless stuff to wade through.

The information is right there in Active Directory already. It seems it should be fairly easy to just enter the Username field, then the other information could be looked up in Active Directory and fill in the first and last name and contact info automatically. This would be very helpful.