Auto fit table column width

I searched, but did not find this feature requested. Apologies if it has already been requested.

The ability to turn on/off column width auto-fitting for each column in the Table component would save us a lot of hassle and improve the user experience.

Currently, I have a project with 20+ tables. I wrote a function that sets the column widths, but it has to be modified for each table, which ends up taking a lot of time to get right for each table.

I have tried the “hack” shown in the Forum for setting widths in the Designer by opening and closing the Table Customizer, but it is not a robust solution. I can manually set the widths to display correctly on my monitor, but if the project is opened on an iPad or 50 inch monitor, the widths do not scale properly.

Is there any hope for this request?

Simply having default/minimum/maximum width properties on each column would be a great improvement.

+1 for this kind of features


Yes! I would love to see the option of auto-fit for those who prefer it, or manual settings where you can specify the width of each column, and they don’t change every time you make some other kind of change to the table. Very frustrating to have to reset it.

+1 for auto-fit or manual of each column

it’s a long not resolved issue I would say: … =70&t=5839