Auto Login after every 60 min in perspective


I am playing around on how to setup Auto login after every 60min.
I am using IDP and when logged in using button component i get access token which is valid for 60min and after that again i have to login to see my data on table. so, do we have any solution on that.
Also, the data i am getting is through API which is given access to 3-4 people and we want to use this application on 50 station. So, how can we achieve that.


Make it a gateway tag and have your clients session properties that are bound to it. This way you’re not potentially burning 50 API calls, one from each client, but instead having the Gateway make a single API request, and then it shares that information with all your perspective clients via a tag or other mechanism (like maybe you have a gateway timer script that runs an API call every X minutes and saves it to a database and your clients read from the database). Big point is though put the logic to get this data in the gateway somewhere and have your clients read that from the gateway.

I can’t help you with the first problem.

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