Auto login to web page using browser component

My customer has a gateway that uses AD/Hybrid to authenticate users against our AD server. They also have a SharePoint site that uses the same AD server for authentication. They would like to be able to view their SharePoint site from within Ignition using the web browser component.

Our problem is that when you feed the SharePoint site’s URL to the web browser component, only a white screen is shown. This is because there is no mechanism to log into the web site using the component(the login screen doesn’t pop up). It is possible to embed the credentials into the URL so that it automatically logs in. The problem with this is retrieving the credentials to embed into the URL. I know of no way to query AD for this (understandably so). Even if I’m willing to make the user enter the credentials into a configuration table stored in the db, the only way I know to securely store credentials in a DB is non-retrievable (hashing the password). Of course, storing the password un-encrypted is not an option.
Has anyone successfully done something similar to this? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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We are having the same issue with some devices like IP Cameras that use HTTP Basic auth. Would be nice if the browser component had an authentication popup.

Can someone from IA weigh in here?

Same question here.
Is there any work around for this issue?

What type of auth do they use for SharePoint? I use the web browser in our environment and Chromium picks up the SSO/NTLM auth and auto-logs into SharePoint with the Windows credentials. Also, what version web browser module?