Auto-populate templates when creating new tags

So I have a group of tags that I an constantly adding news ones too. The tags are grabbing MQTT data off of specific machines. I also have an overview screen, with a template that I made, of all the machines that I am monitoring. I have one copy of the template for each machine. Is there a way to make it when I create a new tag in this folder to auto-populate new copies of the template with the tag data.

in vision there is a template repeater and perspective the flex repeater.

i suppose that each machine has his own folder. you could check how many folder to you have and via scripting create the repeater instance dynamically

I've done that in a vision project a few years ago, from what i remember right now i`ve used system.tag.browse() to get a list of tags in a folder and then for each tag i would prepare a row to use in a dataset that would be driving my template repeater component.
Every time i would open that screen i would do a check to see if the number of tags changed from the last time and if so i would run the script again to populate the template.
How you get there will be mostly defined if you're working with Vision or Perspective, and your tag layout.