Auto-Refresh Browse setting

Whenever a change is made to a PLC that has tags connected via OPC, the tag values go null until the “Refresh Browse” button for the device is clicked on the Gateway > OPC UA > Devices tab.

We would like a check box to be available under the device configuration to have an automatic refresh function.


What version are you using? This should be happening automatically already.


I was told by tech support that this function doesn’t exist but has been discussed in the past.

Are you talking about the Compact/Control Logix driver or a different one?

This is with the Siemens driver, we are using the S7-1200 series PLC. We haven’t had this issue with the AB driver

Ok, ummm… Siemens devices don’t have a “refresh browse” link next to them in the gateway… what exactly are you doing?

Sorry about that, the tech support guy showed me that button to try to alleviate my problem. I didn’t notice (nor did he) that it was only next to the AB devices.

What I have been having to do is go into EVERY OPC tag (under the tag browser in designer) that goes null and disabling it, then re-enabling it. Once I re-enable them they come back into communication.

Alright. I think you can shortcut that by just edit/saving the device in question, but this behavior doesn’t sound quite right so we’ll have look into it on our side.

Perfect, thank you Kevin