Auto remap of imported tags

I have a new project that was imported from v7.9.20 to 8.1.33.
The OPC connection is setup and the source files match. But I am having to go through each tag and redirect the source path, even though the source tag (to CompactLogix L33), is same as old project.

Is there a way to mass remap all tags to look at the OPC UA Device Connection?

Note. Old PLC used legacy for Logix ver 20. and new one is current Ab logix

It isn't a 1:1 conversion for arrays from the legacy to the modern driver. I've always used a regex-capable text editor to make the alterations.

What is a regex-capable text editor?

Notepad++, Sublime Text, Kate, vscode, et cetera. Text editors that cater to programmers and therefore provide search and replace functionality that supports regular expressions (aka "regex").

Thanks, I will give it a try

Don't want to sound dumb, but the OPC server looks the same?

Dash versus space.

If you upgraded Ignition in place, or restored a v7.9 gateway backup into v8+, it would keep the old name. (Along with a large number of compatibility tweaks.) If you import tags and projects, you will have to deal with the v8+ defaults.