Auto report printing

I currently have a number of script modules that generate a report at a defined time every day. Is there a way to automatically print this report after the system generates the data?


Yes you can automatically print out a report. Are you using the report module? How exactly are you generating the report?

When the report is on a window you can listen for when the reportLoading property goes to 0. That will tell you when the report has completed. You can print or save it after that happens assuming that the data in the report is not polling really fast. The script would be a propertyChange script:if event.propertyName == "reportLoading": if event.newValue == 0: event.source.print("PrinterName", 0)


I have a number of scripts that run to load a table with the report data which then can open the report viewer. I would like to print the report without openning hte viewer if possible. I crrently have it so the viewer opens for 10 sec and the closes, but have not been able to get it to print.

The viewer has to be open in order to print. You have to open the window, set the data, wait for it to finish, print the report, then close the window. So the close window call should be in the propertyChange script that I showed earlier.

I have been wondering how to go about doing this myself - are you leaving a client open on the server to act as the reports printer/generator?