Autofill Address option for Shipping address

Hi there,

Is there an Autofill option for address? or anyway to achieve one?

Please share your thoughts.


I think you mean "autofill for tag address" but I'm not sure and you don't say where you would like this feature. Can you edit your question (pencil icon) to clarify?

This would be a shipping info form. Where they need to fill out Shipping address and i just wanted to be an autofill of address, text field.

How were we supposed to know that?

The first thing you'll need is a data source for the list of known addresses. Have you got one?

If your question is actually "does Perspective expose the autocomplete attribute on text input fields in order to specify the street-address value"[1], then the answer is no, not currently, but there will be improvements to how form inputs are handled in 8.3.0.

  1. HTML attribute: autocomplete - HTML: HyperText Markup Language | MDN ↩︎