Autologin in romote

Does the Autologin option work for remote access? I have a project with the autologin option activated. It works perfect for local access, but not for remote. :scratch:

If the project is set to auto-login, it shouldn’t matter where you launch the client. When you launch it on a remote machine what happens? Do you have a startup script that is causing an issue?

Also keep in mind that if this is a Panel Edition installation, you only have local launching available.

This is not a panel edition, it is a the works license

Okay, then. What sort of messages are you getting? What happens if you try to use a “normal” login?


I have one script to write on a tag when start up. The only messege I receive is the login window, the same in auto-login as in normal.

What is the issue, is the script not writing to the tag on startup when launching from remote? Is that the only problem?

The problem is autologin doesn’t work for remote connections to my project. Always when I try to acces to It remotely I have to login (as if the autologin wasn’t active)

Can you post the script that is being used on startup?

Sorry, I was confused. I don’t have any script running on a client or gateway startup