Autologout user on multiple clients

Is it at all posible to have users logged out of a client system when they log into a different client, I would like to set up a system where administrators are only allowed to be active on one client at a time as they have greater control over the system.

I feel like it should be possible to do this using the IP address of the client and the system.tag.getRole() to set a memory tag for each of the clients as we have a set number with static IPs then run an logout script if more than one of these tags are active at a time, if anyone has tried this or can tell me if it is possible at all it would be a huge help.

This could be done with a single string memory tag, a client startup script, and a client tag change script.

The memory tag would contain a list of client ID/username pairs that need to close.

The tag change script would, if not an initial change, look for its own ID/username pair, and use if necessary.

The client startup script would use system.util.getSessionInfo() to enumerate all clients, exclude itself, and build a list of other clients with the same username. If any, it would combine the list with any previous value of the memory tag that still needs to logout(), and write the new string.