Automated Backup

Is there a way to automate a gateway backup? What files would be needed to capture a backup of the system (preferably Gateway Backup, but Project Backup would be okay)?

Right now there is not an automatic safe way to backup the gateway or individual projects. You have to manually go in and download them. It is preferred to make Gateway backups since all of your settings and projects go along with it. The project backup will just be the screens and groups for that project only.

How do feel about just grabbing the entire db folder from the install directory. We will have periodic snapshots of the entire VM (once per month or so) so this is just a way to capture the day to day changes automatically. As the development process winds down, this will be less important.

Well, the problem is that those db files are locked since the Ignition service is using them. So you are not guaranteed to have clean copies. You can however copy the automated backup folders which are made right after any changes in the designer are made.

So just take the latest tar.gz file from autobackup?

Yeah or the whole autobackup folder