Automated GUI testing with Ignition

Hi Everyone,

Has anybody got any experience with automated GUI testing on Ignition projects?
What kind of tooling are you using? Pro’s and Con’s?
We’re looking into it. Squish from Froglogic or basic (and free) Abbot…

Let me know!

@ JantjeBeton
I have a similar situation as you. We also want to use a free opensource code to do GUI automated test.

Did you solve your issue?
If yes, could you give some comments for the GUI automated test in your Ignition project?

I've searched in github that some open source tool such as pywinaumation, which support mouse and keyboard operation, but not sure it can catch the info of components such as the string or background color of a button in the HMI screen of Ignition.

BTW, I found a previous thread, it seems that IA uses the QF-Test, which is a commercial software.

We haven’t solved it in that way. We enlisted a student to program a custom GUI-test program.

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QF-test is not bad, but after I tested my software by it, I needed to retest it from the start because it didn’t get me a whole pack of information, issues, etc. After it, I just gave my project to the right hands and got a successful result. Testing is an essential part of developing any product, so I want to recommend you not to an economy on it and do testing during development, but not after it.