Automated Install: Windows Command Line install available flags


We wanted to create an automated process of installing Ignition with specific modules and custom modules. I did find the documentation in the manual; however, there was not much other details

In summary we want to install Ignition but do not need all the modules that comes with the default configuration. In addition we want to automatically install 2 custom modules we developed.

This is what we have tried for command line:

“.\Ignition-7.9.11-beta1-windows-x64-installer.exe --mode unattended --unattendedmodeui minimalWithDialogs --installationMode custom”

I did read --help and saw something about an options file. What is this flag used for?



I’ll have to look into it some more, but the optionsfile parameter may be the solution. I don’t think there’s any other way to install a custom set of modules with the executable installers.

You’ll probably be better off using the zip installers, especially considering your use of custom modules. After extracting the zip, you can go into the modules folder and add/delete whatever modules you need before starting up the gateway.

Hi James,

I tried downloading the zip installer as suggested and I saw the install.bat file. Just to make sure I am doing this right…

  1. Unzipped to desktop
  2. Added and removed modules from folder
  3. Run install.bat file

After the bat file finishes I do not see anything in the default installation path. Am I missing a step?


install.bat installs it as a service, not copy files around like the windows installer.

The zip installers are otherwise “installed” wherever you’ve unzipped them.