Automated OPC UA server reconnection

Running version 8.1.17 on Server 2019. We have several OPC UA connections configured (using opc.tcp username/password authentication) and successfully working. The problem we are experiencing is when an OPC UA server on a remote node is restarted, Ignition will not automatically reconnect. You must enter the configuration interface, go to OPC Connections and disable/re-enable to connection to get it to reconnect to the OPC UA server. This is an easy recovery, however sometimes the OPC UA server will be restarted and there's no one available to fix the Ignition connection. I'm sure this is a misconfiguration on our side because other OPC UA clients successfully reconnect to the same server without any manual intervention. Has anyone come across this and resolved it?

The connections should automatically reconnect, though over time we've encountered some buggy servers that respond incorrectly to certain requests that happen while reconnecting, causing the connection to be stuck reconnecting over and over, which required us to add workarounds...

If you can set the logger org.eclipse.milo.opcua.sdk.client.SessionFsm to TRACE level and then restart one of these servers it might help track down what's happening.

If the connection is made without security, or can be temporarily switched to use no security, then a Wireshark capture would be even more useful.

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the reply. I’ll have one of the engineers try your suggestions and post the results.