Automated Report Generation

I need to do some automated reports that get generated everyday at 10:00 PM and get emailed. I have the emailing part working, but I am not sure how to programically get the PDF from a report component when the script is running on the Gateway. I want to run this script on the Gateway so that none of the clients have to be open or available.

The solutions that I have seen on the forum for this seem a bit clunky and seem to be pre-ignition. Is there a better method?

I dont think it is possible to automatically generate reports without having a client open.

That is correct: automated, Gateway-based report generation is something that we’re targeting for Reporting Module v2, which will probably be sometime around the end of the year (rough estimate).

I had to set this up for a customer. I ended up creating a special user that is always logged in, but has access to only a blank screen with the message “Report Generator”. At a pre determined time the report window opens, a minute later it prints to a default printer, then a minute after that it closes the report window and goes back to the blank screen. Let me know if yuou want details how to set this up.

i would like to see how you did it, if you dont mind.

Did this ever happen? I would really like to automate reports and send out as emails from the Gateway if possible.

No, not yet. It is something we estimate to have around the end of 2012 or beginning of 2013.