Automatic/Dynamic Pen Names in Easy Chart

Hi All,

Has anyone of you dealt with the easy chart or any other graph or data trend viewing options? I want to filter the input data I want to see, and I have been able to filter the input data as well. however, the names (like the name of variable whose data is displayed) does not change, even though the data va;ue changes?

ANy help will be great.

This is what I mean… see the pens? Their name never changes (Label 1…5 etc in this case), where as when I change the input value, the value on the graph does change.

This is done now actually. Needed to Add the binding for NAME column as well.

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Was typing as you posted. Glad you got it sorted out. :slight_smile:

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There is another issue now. If I delete the labels/pens, I cannot add them even if I input the name in my input area… whats the way around?