Automatic FactorySQL Backup?

I saw a thread on here regarding FactoryPMI Automatic Backup, but I didn’t see anything about FactorySQL. I looked at the help file included with the software, and didn’t find anything there either.

Can you tell me if such an option exists? Or if not, what file(s) I need to copy up to a backed-up location on a server?

-Dave McGlynn

Hi Dave,

There isn’t an auto-backup feature in FactorySQL (in terms of backing up the project on a time basis- there is one that creates backups before upgrades and system restores).

However, everything you need is in one convenient file, so you could probably set something up easily. It’s the system_database.fdb file in the install directory. This file includes all of the groups, settings, database connections, etc. You can back up and restore just by copying and pasting this file (though if you’re “restoring”, you should stop the FactorySQL service first).

Hope this helps,