Automatic File Upload

Hello, I am new to Ignition and coding in general so apologies if I am unclear. I am working on a serialization project and I have made a python program that saves separate excel files for different part numbers. Each excel file includes specific parameters that are recorded for quality control purposes. Is there any way for the file that houses all the excel files to be uploaded to ignition periodically? I am trying to make it so that people will be able to access this folder when needed, Thanks.

Where are these files in relation to the Ignition gateway? If reachable by the gateway process, then a timer event could be used to scan the folder.

If you are using Vision, and the files are local to the Vision Client, then a client timer event could do similar.

If you are using Perspective, and the files are local to the Perspective client, you will need to run something outside Ignition to automate this. You will also likely need the Webdev module in the gateway to receive the automated upload.

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Thanks for your reply. Perspective is being used so look like this wont be an easy task. Do you think it would be easier to just input the data directly into ignition? My python program is basically just user input for all the parameters that are recorded.

What exactly is the reason you need the external python program? Can you not do this within Ignition? (Perhaps with the Apache POI libraries.) Doing it within Ignition gives you all options for how you move data around.

I have never used ignition before I was assigned this project, I do have some experience in python though. I wanted to test out if this idea would work or not because I can make a python code to do this fairly easily and wanted to see if there was a easy way to just upload the folder into ignition. Now it seems that it would be beneficial for me to learn ignition and implement a version of my code into it. Thanks again for your help.