Automatic login

I've found this article for nightly 8.1 and automatic login

but I'm not able to find the place where I have to flag
This is a screenshot of my Ignition version

and an image of my General project option

Can please someone help me?

You're looking for this setting here:

Here is the link to the docs page that has a broader description of the Automatically redirect users to the IdP if authentication is required setting.

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I believe the checkbox is "Always ask the IdP to reauthenticate users by default". With this unchecked like you have if the user is already logged into your IdP I think it should auto-login.

Ahh, I guess I've overlooked that flag/checkbox myself. So basically that's the automatic redirect vs notifying the user that they'll be redirected to the IdP and have to click a button to do so. Makes sense!

Thanks a lot guys
I removed the authentication requirement and flagged that option and now it works
thanks again