Automatic tag alarm shelving and duration

I am trying to create a tag alarm that sends a text message to a specific group of people. I was able to do this and it works great. The problem I am having is with a temperature alarm. If the actual temperature goes above a setpoint value for the configured OnDelay time, it sends out a text message. But the powers to be want additional text messages sent out every 15 minutes if the actual temperature remains above the alarm setpoint. Here are the details. I am using Ignition 7.9. The alarm setpoint is set at 20 deg C. The Alarm OnDelay is set at 120 seconds. In operation, the actual temperature will go above 20 deg (lets say for this example, it goes to 21 deg C) and stay at 21 deg C…does not fluctuate and remains steady at 21 deg C. Two minutes later, the alarm is triggered and a text message is sent. The actual temperature remains constant at 21 deg C and the alarm is not cleared…stays in the active state. Is there a way using the tag alarm configuration to re-issue the text message regarding the alarm every 15 minutes even though the actual temperature remains at 21 deg C? There is no screen available to initiate an alarm shelve function.

I’m not sure what it has to do with shelving…

Are you using notification pipelines ?
If so, you can just add a delay and retrigger the notification:


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Yeah, a looping pipeline is the way to go here. By default, your pipeline will automatically drop out once the alarm has been cleared.