Automatic User Log Off

Possible to automatically log a user off of a client after a certain amount of time?

Hi Paul,

There is a default inactivity script that goes to a lockout screen, but can easily be changed to use, or if you want to put it to a default user.

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Great that gets me moving in the direction I want to go!

This is very helpful. I tried but keep getting login failed. Is there a way to assign a default user?

Sorry, been on vacation. There is no default user setting.

Did you set it up per the docs? (

Does the user exist in the security profile you are using for the project?

If you setup your project for auto login (project properties), the user you’ve setup for auto login will be the default user as auto login will also occur when you logout.

Thanks Jordan. I eventually got it working a few days ago using a user profile. The docs did help.

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