Automatically updating a tabular dashboard created in Ignition

I have a team of students (novice Ignition users) that have created a simple tabular dashboard in Ignition. It pulls data from a MySQL database but the project must be run (and re-run) for it to update. What would be the best approach to automatically update the dashboard on, say, 10-minute intervals? Create a tag? Or another approach altogether? Are there any videos or other instruction available on the approach you would suggest? They obviously have little mentoring available.

Thanks in advance!!

Vision or Perspective? Ignition Version?

There is a timer component that can be placed on a window.

You might also consider a Gateway timer script.

Or an expression tag that evaluates true every 10 minutes.

There are multiple methods, without knowing how the dashboard is put together, it’s hard to say which is best.

If all you want to do is swap tabs within one (vision) window, I would go with the timer component. If you are talking about a table that needs to refresh every 10 minutes, within the binding to the SQL there is an option for polling off, or every X seconds.

The students are simply trying to refresh the same table every 10 minutes, so I will ask them to pursue the last option you proposed.


Sorry, I forgot to answer your question. I believe that they are using Perspective.2.1.11.

The version should look like 8.1.10 etc

That aside,


They are using 8.1.11.

Thank you - it is very much appreciated!