Automation Direct OPC-AU Device driver

I am trying to connect an Automation Direct Do-More PLC. I have it configured for Modbus TCP Server port 502. What OPC-UA driver do I use to connect to the gateway?


Once you’ve got it set up, you’ll have to create new OPC tags in the designer or create an “Address Map” for that device in the gateway.

The Modbus protocol doesn’t have any spec for browsing defined.


Where you able to figure this out? I am currently working on trying to connect to a Do-More as well and I am having trouble with the tags. It also appears that the .csv export (of Do-More designer) is not in a format recongized by Ignition. I will post anything if I have success, but let me know if you were able to figure this out.


I am also having an issue with creating a new OPC-UA connection (just one that I can test). I am using my CPU IP instead of localhost, but I continue to get a faulted error on the gateway. Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

Here is a screen shot

After searching the forum, I have determine that a static IP address is better suited for the OPC-UA server. However, this is not possible on my laptop (company network). Any work around here? I have updated the server -> settings to be “localhost” and port to 4096, still receiving “faulted” error.

You can set the OPC Server to localhost. I have just found that if you put the computer to sleep and bring it back that the server will be faulted. If you restart the Ignition service it should be ok. We use localhost for our Ignition OPC-UA server and it does work on laptops.


Does not seem to work. I have restarted the laptop, updated the opc settings to reflect “localhost” and 4096, and added new OPC-UA connection. Still receiving faulted message. The “Production” OPC connection seems to be connected, but not sure what its purpose is.

Any thing else I might try?

Have you ever been able to connect to your OPC-UA server? Can you do it with the IP address of your computer at this time?

I have been able to connect successful with the TOP Server (version 5, from Software Toolbox) and launch quick clients from there. I have not tried to connect to the TOP Server through Ignition. I was just trying to utilized the OPC-UA server internal of Ignition (at least that is what I have understood). Or do I have to use a 3rd part OPC server?

No, you don’t need a 3rd party OPC server. I didn’t know you were trying to connect to Ignition’s OPC-UA server. Make sure you have the following settings on the OPC-UA server connection:

Host: localhost
Port: 4096
Security Policy: Basic128Rsa15
Message Security Mode: SignAndEncrypt

Note down the username (default is opcuauser). Save the settings. Now click on OPC-UA > Settings in the Ignition Gateway configuration. Note down the Authentication Profile and the Allowed Roles (default is opcua-module and ReadWrite). To make it work the username on the OPC-UA server connection must exist in the authentication profile and has to have the correct role in order to get a successful connection.

Does that make it work?

Sure did! I also added admin to the authenticated users. I had originally typed in admin/password during the setup. Now on to getting the Do-More PLC to talk to it!

Why did you have to create a UA connection to the local server in the first place? Ignition installs with one pre-configured - did you delete it?

Yep! :prayer:

Any ideas on collecting data from modbus HR400001? The mapping example in the manual does not seem to help. I have successfully put this data through TOP Server (from Software Toolbox).

Start by just manually addressing SQLTags to make sure you’re getting the right data.

Make a new SQLTag, point it to the Ignition UA server, and in the OPC Item Path use something like the following:


That would address Holding Register 1 on the DeviceName. Obviously, you need to replace DeviceName with whatever you named the device when you set it up in the gateway.

Nice. I got there shortly after posting…thanks for the quick response!!! Seems to be working thus far!