Automation Professionals Driver Questions - Omron NJ

Alright, so a few questions on this, and I am new to using this driver, and am currently running in trial mode.

We are connecting using the Class 3 generic EIP driver.

First item, is that it seem like the connection is having trouble from time to time, and I am getting some connection rejection issues intermittently.

Next, I have noticed that from the activating the OPC tags in the tag browser, vs the quick client, I get different results. The Quick client seems to grab the component arrays, but inside the tag browser I only see at the array level.

Also, I am seeing stability issues here too, I am unable to read/write (although it may be the connection instability)

***worthy of note, I may have had the IA driver turned on while doing this testing, as equipment was running. Not sure if that should have interfered, but thats why I am stating it.


  • My driver supports array tags in Ignition. The OPC browser will let you drag the array, and you get the array tag, or drag individual booleans to get a tag per each.

  • Booleans in the NJ are a horror show. Such that the application notes in the manual have very specific dos and don'ts for booleans and boolean arrays. (Basically, always embed in a CJ-style data type.)

That said, failures to read global booleans is a bug, if that's really what's happening.

If you are having connection issues that are causing my driver to reconnect, then your network is very likely broken.

Thanks. We are pulling out the Network Analyzer to run some tests. Will be back.