Automation Professionals' Image Streamer Driver Module

I recently cleaned up my module download server and inadvertently broke the links here. Because I forgot to announce an update:

I added a URL query parameter to perform frame-skipping on a client-by-client basis. Great for bandwidth reduction on multi-camera reduced-scale overview pages.

For Ignition v8.1.x: v0.5.0.2102271718

For Ignition v7.9.x: v0.5.0.2102271603

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I’ve had a spell of time on the sponsor’s hardware finding bugs and cleaning up this leaky module. This version just fixes bugs:

For Ignition v8.1.x: v0.5.2.220801908

For Ignition v7.9.x: v0.5.2.220801922

The improvement in stability is substantial. All users should upgrade. Prior versions removed.


Where can I purchase the license ?

Lovely module, btw.

The module is working great, but I have an issue with load time in browser.

The load time in Designer is instant, but it can take up to 1-2 minutes to load in browser.
I’m not sure it even has anything to do with the module itself.

Any suggestions ?

No idea. Share the details of how you are using it in the browser. Perspective, I presume?

Yes, through perspective.

Can you send me a minimum project that shows the behavior? (I’m traveling this week and next, but will likely have some time to debug this.)

@pturmel I just started trying to use the Image Streamer Driver module yesterday. I have a test device set up with the correct rtsp url format for the cameras I am trying to view
(rtsp://user:password@IP:554/Streaming/Channels/101). I am using the http://gatewayIP:Port/main/system/streamer/devicename format in the URL field of the Vision IP Camera Viewer. I have been troubleshooting this for the last 2 days, but I can’t figure out why I am getting a source error.

I have looked in the log to see if any errors show up there, but this is all I see.

Try that URL with VLC or ffplay on the gateway machine. (If headless, try ffmpeg to /dev/null.) Problems with codecs in OpenCV is a bit opaque.

Also, restart the module and send me the corresponding snippet of wrapper.log to my support email. Don’t send the logs from the gateway web interface–many OpenCV errors, and errors from ffmpeg or gstreamer libs, will only be in the wrapper due to those libraries’ non-java aware use of stderr.

Thank you for the quick response. I will be working in the field for the next couple of days, but I should have time to work on this again next week.

Can this module be used with the 2 hour trial to make sure it works for me before getting a license?

I don’t know for sure if the trial works for 3rd party modules.

Yes, you can use the trial period for testing.

Thank you,

Tim Merilatt

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I’m having the same problem as tmerilatt81. Is FFmpeg required? The instructions for installation no longer appear valid and I wasn’t sure if it was actually required. I also tested the RTSP in VLC and it works there.

I realized I do need FFmpeg. Installing that now to see if it fixes the source error.

On Linux, libopencv4.2-jni pulls in libopencv-videoio4.2, which pulls in libav* (FFmpeg libs) and libgstreamer1.0-0.

So, on (Ubuntu) Linux, FFmpeg is definitely required and is automatically installed.

I just downloaded the OpenCV-4.6.0 package for windows and it has the same linkage to FFmpeg that v4.2.0 has.

Will do a fresh install to see what breaks, but yes, expect to install FFmpeg.

It does look like you need the very latest OpenCV (4.6.0) to use any FFmpeg ≥ v5.0.

Installed FFmpeg and I still get the source error. Running on Windows Server 2022 Datacenter. I have the latest versions of OpenCV and FFmpeg installed now.

Did you install one of the FFmpeg builds that has “shared” in the name? Only those contain the DLLs that OpenCV links to. And don’t forget to set up your system paths.

I installed the shared release from BtbN and my system paths are set. I restarted the Ignition service as well. Figured out it was the password. Special characters have to be converted. # → %23 for example. Works like a charm now! Thanks for the help! Awesome module!

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Would you also use this module for a MJPEG IP camera which uses Digest Auth as authentication?
It looks like we can not use digest auth in the Perspective VideoPlayer.

And is OpenCV a must have when you install this module on Ubuntu 20.04? That's not very clear for me.