Automation Professionals' v8 Release Modules

Automation Professionals is pleased to announce the availability of the following modules for Ignition v8:

More details here. Automation Professionals is not bumping the licensing versions – licenses for v7.9 will work in v8.

Note that the Ethernet/IP driver for v8 is one feature/fix behind the driver for v7.9 (v1.3.1 vs. v1.3.2). This post will be updated when it catches up…

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I finished cherry-picking the v1.3.2 commits into my v8 branch. The notable feature added to this version of my Ethernet/IP module is dramatically improved data type and tag import from RSLogix L5X files. Specifically, this new version extracts the data types for Add-On Instructions, allowing their tags and any dependent types’ tags to be imported.

There is also some experimental code that converts ladder logic in an L5X to jython… :smiling_imp:

{ That latter feature requires a feature code – it is not exposed in trial mode. Contact me if you’d like to play with that. }

All of these modules for Ignition v8 have been updated with my new Code Signing Certificate…

Visit my Module Sales page for all of the links.