AutomationDirect Clic Plus OPC Device driver with Ethernet/IP

I have observed threads stating people are successful with connecting to the AutomationDirect Clic Plus PLCs over ModbusTCP. Has anyone been successful on a device driver using Ethernet/IP. If so, which OPC device driver are you using?

If this is possible at all it would only be with one of @pturmel's EtherNet/IP drivers.

The IA drivers are specific to a device model, not generic ENIP.

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I don't believe the Click models support EtherNet/IP. The Productivity series does support it, but only as Class 1 I/O traffic. Not as any kind of tag memory access.

It seems the newer Click Plus line does support Ethernet/IP in addition to Modbus, according to their marketing material.

Probably would need the custom Ethernet/IP module, at which point this manual page has the Ethernet/IP connection parameters.

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I stand corrected. My module's Scanner mode could make two connections, each with 500 bytes of input and 500 bytes of output.

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Thanks everyone. This is my hunch what would happen.