Autoplay sound Iframe in Android tablet perspective App

I have expression:

if({[System]Gateway/Alarming/Active and Unacked},

bind with IFrame.

If condition is true, sound start automatically in workstation Perspective on Windows and in browser in PC and Android. In app Perspective Inductive in Android does not start automatically. Is there a solution for app in Android tablet to play sound automatically?

Confirmed. Which is weird, because I thought that’s where I originally tested it. :confused:

I searched tree days for solution to have sound alarm in perspective on android tablet. Sound link in iframe does not start automatically on android on tablet and phone in perspective apps. Sound plays automatically on browser on all platforms(Windows, Android) and workstation perspective for Windows.

Then I tried with video player component in perspective with audio source. And this is weird.
There is several options depend on component property mute(loop property is enable). Sometime it plays automatically and sound is disable. When sound is enable, it does not play automatically.

I hear you. IA does plan to have something to address it, but in the meantime, be sure to upvote it here in the ideas portal:

Thank you a lot for answer.