Available Disk Space Calculation

On the gateway status screen, how is the total available disk space calculated?

The computer Ignition is running on has a 60 GB SSD but the status page shows 0.5gb / 19gb, why does it say 19 GB when the computer has a 60 GB SSD?

How much space did you allocate to the Gateway during installation?

Don't know, it's an Ignition Edge system that came with it on board. On my laptop which has Ignition installed, the second value for 'Available Disk Space' is 1,907 gb which is close to my 2 TB drive on my computer. So does that mean the PC with Ignition edge has roughly 20 GB?

The provider probably partitioned it to keep Ignition from ever crashing the rest of their hardware.

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Any ideas of why they would make it so small?

I just shared with them a screenshot of my gateway to show them that disk space is full.

No idea. The size they reserve would obviously depend on what other tech that device supports.

Looks like they may have partitioned it. Running a "fdisk -l" shows a partition of 238.47 GiB but I guess that's not where they Installed Ignition edge, which is unfortunate since we are running out of space where Ignition edge is installed.

Whats taking up all your space?