Available Historical Tags in a chert property binding

I am seeing duplicate tags in the ‘Available Historical Tags’ list when binding a tag history to a chart.
I think this has something to do with retired tags in the sqlth_te table.
I was making a number of changes as I set up history and tags, not sure what I did specifically to cause retired tags, but there should be something to distinguish the tags in the list.

Which version of Ignition are you using? I was unable to reproduce this behavior.

EDIT: Also, do you have tag history spread over many datasources? If you have a tag’s history spread across multiple datasources it can produce this behavior.

Actually, a problem in 7.5.0 was multiplying the tag results by the number of database connections you have configured, so if you’re using that version and have 2 db connections defined, you would see this. If that sounds correct, upgrading to the latest beta should help (or wait til 7.5.1 is released, later this week I think).


Thanks Colby,
I do have two DB connections defined! I’ll wait for 7.5.1, this is not urgent.