Available tag properties

I’m not sure how I came about it originally, but on a UDT instance you can read the UDTParentType property to get its UDT definition tag path. From the user manual and the tag browser however, you wouldn’t even know that this is possible, as it’s not listed in either.

It’s got me wondering what other properties that might be useful that I don’t know about?
Is it possible to get these all added into the User manual and also displayed in the tag browser?
Or at the least / in the meantime, have them documented here?

The difference between documented and undocumented features is often what IA will consider “supported”.

You can use undocumented features like these, but IA can change them at any time (with a version upgrade off course), and there will be no warning about it.

That said, if you’re interested in these things, you can call dir(...) on any object to get a view of its properties.