Avaya IP Office VOIP Notification

Here are instructions to get Ignition working with an Avaya IP Office for VOIP Notifications.

IP Office Manager:
[li]Make sure you have a spare “3rd Party IP Endpoint”[/li]
[li]If not, acquire one from your Avaya vendor[/li][/ul]

Create a SIP Extension
[li]Go to Extensions[/li]
[li]Create new SIP extension[/li]
[li]Use a new Base Extension on the system that is unused[/li][/ul]

Create a User:
[li]Go to users, create new user[/li]
[li]User Tab: Unlist from dir[/li]
[li]Voicemail Tab: Turn off voicemail[/li]
[li]Telephony Tab: Supervisor Settings Tab:[/li]
[li]—Set Login Code (for SIP Password in Ignition)[/li]
[li]SIP Tab:[/li]
[li]—Take note of SIP Name (used for username in Ignition)[/li][/ul]

[li]Make sure you have the Alarm Phone Notification and a Voice module installed[/li]
[li]Log into Gateway[/li]
[li]Go to Configure, Alarming, Notification[/li]
[li]Add new Alarm Notification Profile[/li]
[li]Add VOIP Voice Notification[/li]
[li]Set settings as you see fit, but use the following from the Avaya setup:[/li]
[li]—Gateway Address: IP or host name of your Avaya IP Office[/li]
[li]—Username/Account: From “SIP Name” off the SIP Tab of the IP Office[/li]
[li]—Password: From the Telephony/Supervisor Settings/Login Code of the IP Office[/li]
[li]Save Settings and test![/li][/ul]

I hope this helps someone.

Hey, thanks a lot for writing that up! It’s great to hear about different systems that people are using it with, and instructions are even better. I think we might work this into a KB article or into the user manual as well. :thumb_left:


Any idea what the SIP name would be if using Call Manager instead of Avaya? I wish someone would write up a document like this based on Cisco Call Manager.