AVEVA Intouch Edge

We have a customer that is dead set on using AVEVA Edge, which I guess was formerly Intouch Edge. What I was hoping for was anyone on this forum that has horror stories about it so we can show and pitch using Ignition instead. I’ve use straight up Intouch and a little Archestra. I had no issues using the “original” Intouch (back years ago), but their new stuff was bug infested and overpriced garbage.

Can anyone share their opinion on AVEVA Edge?

Imho, it’s probably bad form for ignition to allow trash talking of competitors on their forum. On the other hand, after we installed ignition we tore out our old InTouch screens, because you only go with wonderware these days if you are already so invested in them that you can’t escape. Check out reddit, I’ve found it to be a great resource when it comes to automation and general opinions. You might be able to contact people directly on there to get some real life examples. Good Luck.

I’m not looking for trash talk, and I didn’t trash talk. There is nothing wrong asking this question on this forum as it’s in general discussion. The fact I used the word garbage is not trash talk. It’s my opinion from personal experience. I think RA FT and asparagus is garbage too.

What I’m asking is feedback from other personal experiences on this particular product. If you don’t have any then there really isn’t a need to respond. It very well might be a good product.

Hi. Aveva Edge/InTouch Edge was formerly Indusoft which is still sold from a variety of folks. We dont have any direct experience with it but some others may be familiar with it and could share those experiences.

Yes, I did notice that this morning. I have used Indusoft a little and noticed the demo for Edge was basically the same as I remembered for Indusoft.