"Avg Time to Ack" Displays Incorrectly

I’m using Ignition 8.0 Perspective and the alarming journal demo as a template. I noticed that on the Alarm Summary, it lists “ACG TIME TO ACK” instead of “AVG TIME TO ACK”:

Assuming it was just a typo, I went to fix it in my project. However, upon finding the label, I realized that the text property was, in fact, properly set:

Some testing discovered that it seems to be only that exact, case-sensitive string that causes the “v” to be replaced with a “c”. Swapping out any letters, changing the case of any letters, even adding a space to the end corrects the display to properly read “AVG TIME TO ACK”.

It’s a very minor thing with an easy fix, but I’m extremely perplexed and curious - does anybody know why it does this?