Azure Dev Ops Notifications to Ignition

HI there, I’ll preface this with I’m a mediocre web developer so I may be missing something fundamental. I’m looking to take notifications on Push / Build for Git repos hosted internally in Azure Dev Ops and get those into Perspective.
Azure has a service hook and that’s all straight forward and I got that set up - but I need an endpoint. I have used to get information from ignition, but I’m not sure what I would set up as an endpoint to receive notifications on push from Azure.

This is where WebDev module would be necessary or is there anything native to 8.1 that could provide this functionality?


WebDev would be the way to go here, yes. You would set up an endpoint (probably responding to a POST) request, and then plug that URL in to your Azure configuration. In Webdev, you receive the data sent by Azure and run whatever script you want.

Awesome - thanks!