Azure Injector Experiences and Learnings

Good Morning. I wanted to take a quick poll here regarding the Cirrus Link Azure Injector Module and, for anyone who has used it, their general experience and learnings. Full disclosure here, I'm not a controls engineer at my organization, I'm in Cloud and I&O but our IT/OT teams are starting to experiment and talk about piping northbound data from local gateways to the Azure Cloud.

Specific questions as a user would be how you view the stability of the injector as well as negative/positive experiences. We note that Azure IoT Hub has Service Bus to shuttle the data around to various data lakes, sql server, etc. Has horizontal (autoscaling) capability of the IoT Hub played well? Have you had the need to route the data back into a central Ignition instance in the cloud for transformation into OPC UA? Have you had to use Azure IoT Edge devices at all as an intermediate layer in your deployment? Are you sending the data northbound via private endpoints on a WAN overlay, or using the public URL of the Hub?

I know this is pretty open ended, but was hoping for some commentary and/or general feedback. Thank you very much in advance!