Back Up and Restore Tag Values?

I need to be able to backup and restore tag values to disk. These would be OPC type tags that are pointing to my PLC.

I can’t find any built-in way to do this. Does anyone have a preexisting solution for doing this?

I have several PLCs that have a common set of set points. I would like to be able to save them to disk and then write them back in or use this feature to copy set points to other PLCs. These PLCs do not live on the same network so that is why I need to backup to disk.

this would also behelpful when I want to do downloads to Allen Bradley PLCs and keep my Setpoints in a give PLC the same.

Not sure if there is a prebuilt solution (except for history module, if it meets your requirements!). However you can certainly write a custom script for this to read values of a set of tags (corresponding to set points etc) and write them in file or send them to other PLCs.

This is one of the things transaction groups is for. Save values to the database, and vice versa.