Background color not changing with property binding

I have a perspective view that has a check box (plus other stuff) on it.
I would like the background color of the view to change, depending on the checked status of the checkbox.
I added 'background color' in the styles config of the view's root. When I change the color in the designer, the background color of the view changes. All good.
Then I added a binding to this property. The binding is:

if({./Checkbox.props.selected}, color(255,0,0), color(0,255,0))

When I toggle the checkbox, the color in the property editor (the little indicator box beside the attribute) changes color correctly. All good.
the background of the view does not change

So, the background color changes without binding, and the binding seems to work based on the indicator. But when the binding is in place the background color of the view does not change
(hope I explained that ok)

Any ideas?

The color() expression function yields java colors, not web colors. Use strings with web colors in your expression.

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That works!

Thanks Phil

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