Backup Alarm Notification Profiles Ignition 7.9.4

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Ignition 7.9.4 Gateway Question
Before I hurt my brain, is it even allowed to configure a second VOIP Notification profile? A customer request came in to create a redundant way for voice alarms to get out. We have a copper land line and a Grandstream VOIP to a AT&T carrier wired line service with less than 100% reliability. So the plan is to configure a second redundant voice call out through a service like Vonage using a second Grandstream modem as a backup profile in the event the 1st profile call out fails. But I get the following issue in the gateway configuration:
after creating second notification profile…
Backup_Voice_Landline Secondary backup voice profile true VOIP Voice Notification Address already in use: Cannot bind
this is a working profile on same gateway…
CSEI_Grandstream true VOIP Voice Notification Registered with VOIP Host

However the IP address in question is not really in use, we tried several other IP addresses?? Is the warning trying to say I can’t have two VOIP profiles on the gateway?

Why not try Twilio?

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It’s probably not the IP address that’s the problem, but the RTP/listener port Ignition is binding to receive the incoming traffic from your SIP server.
It’s in the advanced options of the voice notification profile.

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Thank you for the response PGriffith. My main concern was does the IA Notification Module allow two working VOIP voice call configurations on same gateway assuming the ports IP’s & accounts are distinct?? After the initial error it occurred to me we may be trying something outside the designed use?

Thanks for the post. I’ll research that option.

they definitely allow more than 1 with different ports. You cant use the same port # on 2 different profiles. I have had alot of weird issues with sip providers and I am not sure if it is on their side or the IA side. I started with skype, then it quit working. I found axvoice, who allows traffic on port 9060 instead of just 5060 and it worked great for a long time. then it quit working and I went back to skype. It worked again for a few days then jumped to one called freelycall, who works ok. My next thing will be trying to use the grandstream on one of our office lines that I can use as a backup.

Going a little bit further into it, I would also like to know exactly what happens if you have 2 profiles on a notification block. There doesnt seem to be much literature on the voice notification module.

I do know that you can use 2 separate profiles in 2 separate blocks. but what happens if you have 2 profiles in one notification block?

The first profile that knows how to deal with one of the contact info types configured on the user being notified gets used.

so if you only have voice profiles the 2nd would never get used?

It would be nice to have better diagnostics on the voice module where you could be notified in some way if there is an issue. I have never been able to find a way to really know if there is an issue outside of just generating an alarm to myself. Maybe you have some info that would be helpful? I have looked over the calls in the audit log and have not been able to find any consistency with the codes that get generated. Another great feature would be to have a failover in the profiles so that if their is an issue with one then it rolls to the failover.

Glad you posted that. It sounds like you have experienced the same less than 100% reliable voice call out we have. It is very frustrating and time consuming to prove why the failure happens occasionally. We propose that since the IA system is capable of returning and logging any DEBUG error on their module call out, then somehow exposing this event to us for programmatic switching to a backup profile would be a great feature request. Our customers alarms are typically associated with environmental hazards about to happen…:slight_smile:

Yeah. its weird issues all the time. For instance, the axvoice worked great for almost a year. Then all of a sudden it shows like it is connecting and making a call then shows that the call wasnt answered. on the Axvoice interface it never shows like a call went out. This time, skype worked great for a few days, then it would make the call but you wouldnt hear any sound. Ive had other issues in the past with skype where Ignition would try to call out but skype wouldnt show the call being made. Just alot of weird stuff like that. I basically juggle between 3 sip providers when an issue pops up. My next step is to run one of the grandstreams on an analog phone line and see how that goes for a while, but I dont want to be dependant on an analog phone line when the services are all cloud based and should be more reliable, but at least it will help me narrow down the problem… hopefully.

But yes, better diagnostics and a failover option if a profile doesnt work would be a big help. especially since phone calls are usually reserved for the highest priority occurrences, but is seemingly the least reliable of the 3 options available. I know I always set everyone up with text messages for everything just as a backup. Kudos to whoever wrote the twilio module, that thing has been rock solid.

I read your issues a little more and I think you could setup your grandstream to use a port different than 5060, then in your pipeline you could build some logic that basically swaps over to a 2nd notification block that has the backup voice profile to vonage. So basically if you roll thru all of your contacts on the first profile, but nobody acknowledges, start rolling thru the contacts on the 2nd profile. It would take a little bit of testing but I am sure it could be done like that.

I tinkered with this same issue forever. Watching the logs, No matter what SIP port I assign to the second Notification profile in Ignition, it always sends the info to port 5060. So I ended up setting one profile to 5060, and the other to 5062. Both my SIP devices have to be set to 5060.

So the only thing I can come up with is that regardless of what port you configure in Ignition, it always uses port 5060