Backup automation of the gateway

Hello Guys,

I just enabled the scheduled backup for the Gateway to a network shared folder on a NAS which require credentials to login on that folder. But I don’t have any files there and my bakcup is set for 5 days now.
I didn’t find any section in gateway settings for the credentials.

Do you guys have any ideea what I should do?

Thank you in advance!

Some thoughts:

  • Ensure the share is visible from the gateway under the gateway’s user account. Credentials are handled by the OS, not Ignition.
  • If Ignition is running on Windows, use the fully qualified path name (e.g. //serverName/shareName/path/to/folder).
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Hello, now it’s working,

I had to give the username and password of the NAS folder to the Ignition service on Windows and now the backup is working.

Thank you !

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