Backup Gateway and Projects

Hi everyone,

since this is the second time the backup went wrong, I’d like to share with you my experience.

I did a gateway backup, then when I restored I found my self with an older version of the actual project.

Could you give me an advice on how to properly export project within the gateway backup, been sure 100% that I’m exporting the last version, considering that I can not stop the gateway service ?

Thanks everyone.

What Ignition version are you using? You can do a gateway backup (which should include current versions of projects–staging and published, I expect though have not tested) or a project export (you can choose staging or published project).

Igniton version is the 7.9.9.
Unfortunately is the second time I make a gateway backup, and the projects within the backup are not the last release one.

We’ve been using 7.9.9 and haven’t encountered this, but don’t often have a reason to restore from gateway backups. I believe we’ve done so exactly once and didn’t notice any reversions that time.

When you say “released one” I take it you’re referring to project version that was published on gateway prior to backup. Is it possible backup is being taken before project save (or save and publish if you have them happening together) is complete?

This is definitely not the way gateway backups are supposed to work - I would get in contact with support so they can try to identify what’s going on with your system (and, if it’s a bug, help us reproduce it and get it fixed).


I experienced the same issue exporting projects from the gateway website. I am absolutely sure I exported the most recent version and after importing the project in another gateway I found an older version.

This happened in 7.9.12.

I’ve had this issue on 8.0.0 and 8.1.1. Was able to get it resolved with the help of support. I would take your last good gateway backup as well of a export of your project and tags.

The ignition service needs to be uninstalled then reinstalled. Go to C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition (Or wherever you installed ignition) Click on the uninstall-ignition.bat file

Once completed the uninstall go to C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition (Or wherever you installed ignition) Click on the install-ignition.bat file. On reinstall restore the gateway along with the project and tags if required.

This fixed the issue for me.