Backup Gateway System Tags

In a redundant system, how to access the Backup gateway System tags from the Master gateway, in order to display the redundancy state for both gateways on a Vision Display.

You can’t directly retrieve tags from the backup system, because of the way redundancy separates things. However, you can retrieve at least the status using a simple HTTP call to the /system/gwinfo route; it’s published for all gateways and contains basic information about the server. The following should work on any recent version of Ignition, and returns a dictionary that can be used to retrieve specific values:

def getGatewayStatus(gatewayAddress):
	result = + "/main/system/gwinfo")
	return {k: v for k, v in [item.split("=") for item in [pair for pair in result.split(";") if pair]]}
status = getGatewayStatus("http://localhost:8088")

print status['RedundancyStatus'], '-', status['RedundantState']
>>> Master - Unknown
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Hi, the method works but it seems that there is a problem with the redundancy status: the Synchronization status is good although the backup peer is not connected, is it a bug?

Hm, yeah, that’s probably just an issue on our side where the status isn’t updated while the peer isn’t connected, so it defaults to either ‘Good’ or whatever it was last set to (not sure).

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Hi, I noticed a similar problem. It happens that the redundancy status is good but the backup does not have the latest changes made. It usually happens that the newly added tags are not present in the backup.