Backup/Restore Java path in ignition.conf

I figured this one out on my own, but can we get the backup and restore routines to update the java path in ignition.conf? Just one more gotcha when your’re in a rush to get a gateway back up and running.

I would argue that including the java path would be at best something you had to opt into with some kind of partial/segmented backup and restore procedure.

As it is now, backup and restore is gateway and OS agnostic. Including the java path would certainly break that.

I mean have the restore routine look at the environment variables, or at least try to figure out the proper directory for Java?

It isn’t complicated to go and change “Program Files (x86)\Java” to “Program Files\Java”, but it would be nice for Ignition to be able to do that without user intervention.

If the backup is from 7.3.2 or later, there is a variable in the backed up ignition.conf that represents the Java path. It gets replaced with the actual Java path at the time of restoration before the gateway restarts. What version of Ignition did your backup come from?

It should be either 7.3.2 or 7.3.3.

The Java path was supposed to be updated when you restored your backup. I’m not sure why it wasn’t in your case. Can you send a gateway backup to IA support? We can restore it here and figure out why the Java path was not updated properly.

Absolutely. Send me a pm with a ticket number.