Backup restore problems

Hello guys,

When i want to open a .gwbk file from a friend.
I try to restore in the localhost. But after a while waiting it says stopped running.
After this i can't login anymore with my own account.
Can someone help me :slight_smile: Thanks

Well if you applied a gwbk from someone else, your own account doesn't exist anymore.
I'm not sure what can be done about your gateway right now, you'll need to provide dumps and the likes.

In the future, I suggest you use a separate gateway when you want to try someone else's stuff.
The simplest way to do that is to use docker, then you'll just have to start a container to create a new gateway.


Thank you for your quick answer.

Do i need to download a docker somewhere? How does it work?

Thank you

What OS are you on ?

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Hello Pascal,

I use ignition 8.1.32 on a windows 11.

You can use docker desktop then.
But I suggest learning the basics, some things are MUCH easier using a the command line interface.

Basically, you can just download and install docker desktop, create an account on dockerhub and link it to docker desktop. Then you can search and pull images from there.
When you have an image, you'll have to make a container from it: In the images tab, click run on the image you want, then you'll have to fill a few things: container name, ports, and a few environment variables. All of this is described on the dockerhub page for the ignition's image.

I personally use docker compose, which in its basic form is setup using a single configuration file. Multiple container can be setup in a single compose environment, which is nice to spin up in no time an environment with a gateway and a database for example.

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I'm going to try it.

But with the help from docker i can open a .gwbk file from my friend in ignition?
sounds strange to me but i going to give it a try

Docker has nothing to do with opening a gwbk in itself.
The point was to restore that backup on a NEW gateway, so you don't mess your own stuff.
Docker makes the process of running a new gateway very easy.


Hello Pascal,

I made a new gateway and try to open the .gwbk file from a friend. But when i press restore file it is loading and loading. Then i have to login again but the username en password i create on the new gateway doesnt work then. What do i wrong?

You need to use the user/password from the restored gateway.
A gateway restore overrides everything. Ask your friend for the user and password.

You could also use the gwcmd tool to reset the password though:

To access it in a docker container, you can either use the terminal from docker desktop (click on the container),
or from a terminal type docker exec -it {container name or id} bash to enter the container's shell.
Or use the gwcdm directly:

docker exec {container name or id} /usr/local/bin/ignition/gwcmd -p
docker exec {container name or id} /usr/local/bin/ignition/gwcmd -r

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